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Private Clients

Interlake provides fee-only advisory services to individuals, families, and organizations. The firm’s complete independence means it has no financial ties to other entities, no product-driven conflicts of interest, and no objectives beyond its clients’ long-term success. Clients can rest assured that Interlake’s investment decisions are made purely on their fiduciary merits.

Retirement Planning & Financial Guidance

In working with private clients, our first step is to understand you and situate your investment program in your larger financial life. What are your goals? What are your time horizons for the assets we might manage? Where do these assets fit relative to your others? What is your appetite, capacity, and need for risk in the financial markets? Do you have significant tax considerations? Do you anticipate any meaningful changes in cash flow or net worth? With these questions answered, we can design and implement an investment program that works for you.

These are the things we aim to help our clients do: build smart, diversified, inexpensive portfolios; ignore the short-term noise that surrounds us all; embrace buying opportunities during times of weakness in the capital markets; live for today as well as tomorrow; and trust in the awesome long-term power of compounding returns.

For a more detailed statement of Interlake’s investment philosophy, please click here.

To build personalized portfolios for Private Clients, Interlake uses a mix of index-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs), actively managed mutual funds, and factor-based ETFs. These portfolios deliver inexpensive, risk-appropriate exposure to a wide range of global asset classes. We also use a disciplined rebalancing process to ensure that client portfolios stay on track through the ups and downs of the capital markets.

For clients who want to connect their principles and their investments, we offer direct access to Seeds, a robust values-alignment system that helps us truly get to know you as an investor. Once you’ve completed a Seeds assessment, Interlake can implement your personalized proposal seamlessly at Altruist.

(Because they aren’t yet available in workplace retirement plans, Seeds portfolios are only available to Interlake’s private clients.)

How am I doing? What should I do next? To help our clients answer these all-important questions, Interlake offers access to Elements, an app-based system that will help you gain a clear, consolidated view of your financial life. From tracking your financial vital signs to producing one-page financial plans to delivering quarterly progress reports, Elements makes it easier (and more fun!) to take informed, pragmatic steps toward your long-term goals.

Tolerisk is a two-dimensional risk assessment that captures investors’ willingness to accept short-term risk and their financial capacity to absorb it. By adding the size and timing of expected cash flows to a clear picture of current household assets, Tolerisk delivers more than just a risk tolerance score; it also estimates clients’ likelihood of running out of money in retirement. Using those projections, we can establish a plan to ensure a fully funded retirement—and the quality of life that comes with it.

Investment Philosophy
Personalized Portfolios
Elements Monitoring
Tolerisk Risk-Alignment
The Interlake Process

Explore and Assess

To get started, we want to know you and your financial life as completely as possible. As a first step, we'll collect specific information about household income, assets, and spending through Elements, Interlake's app-based system for monitoring clients' financial vital signs. We'll also invite you to complete a two-dimensional risk assessment through Tolerisk. From there, we'll be ready to collaborate on identifying a pragmatic path forward for today and tomorrow.

Propose and Refine

Equipped with a proper understanding of where you are and where you want to go, we’ll propose a roadmap for getting there. This will involve recommendations for asset allocation (for return-seeking and risk-management), asset location (for tax-efficiency), and any available expense reductions (for cost-efficiency). Interlake’s initial proposal won't be etched in stone; instead, it will give us a set of ideas we can refine together to ensure you’re comfortable with and committed to your new investment program.

Implement and Monitor

Once we’re ready to work together, Interlake will create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), assist with the opening of accounts at Altruist, transfer assets to Altruist (all of which can be done quickly and digitally, with no paper involved), and implement your IPS-aligned investment program. We will then monitor your progress with monthly statements from Altruist, quarterly progress reports from Elements, and regular check-ins with Interlake.
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