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To help our clients reduce financial stress and invest with confidence, Interlake has teamed up with technology providers who share our commitments to prudence, pragmatism, and personalization. Take a look at the summaries below and visit each partner’s page to learn more.

(Note that current and prospective clients can begin to experience these tools via links on their respective pages.)

Nebo Wealth

To deliver meaningful personalization for our private client households, Interlake operates on the Nebo Wealth platform, a cutting-edge portfolio design tool that accounts for your financial goals, your time horizons, your cash flows, and your volatility appetite. With Nebo, Interlake’s objective is to deliver perfect-fit portfolios that re-optimize to your needs, adapting dynamically to changes in your financial plan, your portfolio itself, and the capital markets.

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Elements is a beautifully designed financial monitoring system that can help you answer an essential question: How am I doing? Planning for your long-term future is smart and necessary, but we can only achieve great future outcomes by making solid, informed decisions in the present. By measuring and tracking your financial vital signs, Elements can help you do just that.

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Tolerisk enables investors to assess their risk tolerance—and build investment portfolios accordingly—by measuring both their psychological willingness to accept short-term volatility and their financial capacity to absorb it. Accounting for current assets, savings rates, return projections, future cash flows, expected retirement ages, and more, Tolerisk can help you stay committed to your long-term investment program regardless of what the markets do in the short run.

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values laptop

Using a multi-dimensional assessment to discover what matters most to you as an investor, Seeds puts personalization front and center for Interlake's private clients. From risk to values to goals, Seeds can help you turn investing from a mechanical, mathematical process into a deeply personal experience that works for you. For private clients who choose to invest in a Seeds portfolio, Interlake can implement personalized programs seamlessly through our custodial partners at Altruist.

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